Steve and I are talking about dating sims for the American and French Revolutions and now I need these to exist.



Pink Fairy Armadillo 

Known as the smallest species of armadillo, the pink fairy armadillo has a body that is approximately 90-115 millimeters in length, excluding the tail. It is called pink fairy armadillo because its body is pale rose or pink in color. What makes this animal special is that it can bury itself completely in just a few seconds when it is scared.

alright when are we gonna get a pokemon based on this. its time for a fairy/ground type

If you could be in any Broadway musical, what would it be and what role would you play?

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Of all the insults Robespierre’s contemporaries levied against him, this one from Olympe de Gouges is my favorite by far:

"Your breath befouls the pure air we now inhale: your twitching eyelid exposes the turpitude of your soul, and every hair on your head is criminal."

It’s all just so impressively purple and for that, I salute it.


Saturday morning, over 1,000 people march for justice for Michael Brown. 

August 30th.


I want a movie about a kid who just so happens to be born a Classic Gothic Hero, but in modern day. His name would be like Byron Dangerfield or something. 

Whenever he has EMOTIONS, there are claps of thunder and lightning. Every time he leans against a piece of furniture, it turns out to open a secret passageway leading to some dark secret, until eventually he’s just like “REALLY, GUYS?” All bad dreams are prophetic, even if it’s just that Starbucks will be out of pumpkin spice syrup the next day. Every girl he talks to swoons a lot and has a tyrannical heavy-browed father who are all played by the same actor. Ravens flock around him.

There are inexplicably paintings with moving eyes and moving suits of armor everywhere he goes, even McDonalds. Every time he moves to a new apartment, there is ALWAYS a screaming woman chained up in the room above his, and she invariably sets the place on fire. He’s so over it.




“A three second exposure meant that subjects had to stand very still to avoid being blurred, and holding a smile for that period was tricky. As a result, we have a tendency to see our Victorian ancestors as even more formal and stern than they might have been.”

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This is so great


✰ SOMETHING ABOUT US  - a mix for queerplatonic relationships | LISTEN

01. i am not a robot - marina & the diamonds // 02. i got a boy - girls generation // 03. worship you - vampire weekend // 04. year of silence - crystal castles // 05. save me from what i want - st. vincent // 06. better things - passion pit // 07. seven - fever ray // 08. quiet - lights // 09. something about us - daft punk // 10. getaway car - grouplove // 11. lofticries - purity ring // 12. the mother we share - chvrches // 13. alleyways - the neighbourhood

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I feel like I should go out and do something, because even though I’m kinda bummed that I couldn’t go out of town for the four-day weekend, there’s got to be something to do seeing as I live in a tourist destination.

But WHAT, though?



spotted stag

Luttrell Psalter, England ca. 1325-1340.

British Library, Add 42130, fol. 296r

omg it’s a TEAL DEER